We are Stephen and Sarah. A couple who work diligently at leading a simple life.  Don’t let the word simple fool you, it takes hard work, determination and continuous effort to live and maintain a simple life.  One momentary lapse in judgment can set you back years!  We continuously try to remind ourselves of what we actually need; a roof over our heads, a skillet, and blanket.  If we have that, and each other, then we have enough to be happy.  Share this blog with your mate and use it as inspiration to chart your own goals.

Stephen (aka roof) has 30 years in construction, he now applies that knowledge as a real estate home inspector.  Blogs posted under ‘roof ‘ will focus on the home.  We will share our home improvement projects and simple fixes.  Sarah (aka skillet) is a registered nurse with experience in gastroenterology and blood management.  Blogs posted under skillet will focus on simple eating habits to promote health.  We will share research and ideas to encourage nutrition, health and well being.  Anything that can promote and encourage parity, simplicity, or maintaining the health of self and home, we will discuss with you.

While we currently enjoy our secular jobs, we like being together more.  Our goal is to create a life where we can increase time together.  In the meantime, we enjoy traveling on a simple budget.  We will share our temporary roofs and skillets with you as we travel.  Join us on our journey towards simplicity and a rewarding life lived modestly.  We will be happy to have you along.

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