Eight Tips for Great Juicing
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Eight Tips for Great Juicing

There are so many diet fads and advice out there.  It can be daunting to figure out whether or not the new fad is sound advice. Today, I am going to discuss juicing.  I was first introduced to juicing through the documentary  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  Joe does a great job of making a convincing argument on the benefits of restoring health and even reversing disease through juicing.  Immediately I bought my first juicer and began to juice.  Do I believe it works and is it sustainable?  My answer is Yes and… Maybe.

Benefits of juicing are the sheer amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients one can ingest.  It would be nearly impossible to obtain the same amount of nutrition by eating whole foods.  Fresh juices begin to reverse and heal medical issues through nutrition. When I first incorporated juicing into my life, I experienced energy through the roof!  My moods improved and I felt increased vitality.  Juicing reduced my bowel movements from the typical two or three daily sessions down to once every two or three days, and using the restroom was effortless!

The difficulty from a 30-day juice reboot will not be hunger.  When the body has adequate nutrition, it does not produce hunger pains.  Surprisingly enough, the largest challenge may be overcoming the urge to eat.  We are just so used to chewing food, the act of chewing helps us to feel satisfied.  Secondly, one must also be prepared for the price increase in your grocery bill.  It requires quite a lot of produce to produce a pitcher of juice for the day.  Despite high motivation going in, I have never completed a 30-day juice reboot. Trips to the grocery store, cleaning the machine, just wanting to chew food and cost were all factors that derailed my juice fast.

An objection to juicing I often hear is how much fiber gets discarded.  From my years in Gastroenterology nursing, I am now more aware the vital role fiber plays in the health of your digestive tract.  Often, when I feel that my diet needs to be cleaned up, I naturally begin including juicing into my new efforts to eat better.  Here are some tips if you want to incorporate juicing into your efforts for better health.

1. First, buy a quality juicer.  If you are going to make the investment with increased grocery bills, make sure you buy a quality juicer that will extract more juice and deliver the most nutrition out of the products you buy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, however, the opinions I share in my posts are my own.

 The Tribest slowstar is mid-priced among quality juicers. Some attractive aspects of this juicer are the slow cold press extraction aimed at preserving enzymes and nutrients that can be destroyed by heat. This juicer is also multifunctional.  By using the mincing attachment one can create sorbets, nut-butter, salsas and a wide variety of sauces.  You can read more about the Tribest slowstar at Amazon by clicking the link.

Breville is a popular name for entry-level juicing and can be more reasonable if you are wanting to ease into juicing to see if it is right for you.

Breville 800JEXLJuice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice extractor has features that are important for convenience like large shoot to handle full apples and oranges for reduced prep time.  Breville has a range of juicers to fit various budgets. You can compare them by clicking the link.

Hurom is the Cadillac juicers and would be a dream to own.  Hurom H-AE Slow Juicer has a steep price tag of 699.00 however it has a five-star rating on Amazon.  Pulp will be dry proving the superiority of squeezing every drop possible from the fruits and veggies.  I have not had any hands-on experience with Hurom, however, I would not hesitate to purchase if juicing were going to be a daily part of my life.

2. Besides investing in a quality juicer make sure to invest in the highest quality produce as well.   Organic fruits and vegetables are best when it comes to health and ingesting clean food.  If organic produce is not reasonable for you,  peel non-organic produce or at least scrub skins with a veggie brush and water to remove pesticides.  If I had to choose between spending my money on a juicer or better produce, I would choose better produce every time.  Remember, it is what goes into your body that has an impact on your health.

3.  Shop for fresh produce several times a week and switch it up!  Have fun mixing the various flavors.  You will be amazed by the great tasting juices you can create.  Just by adjusting the amounts of each product in your juice or the various new fruits and veggies you discover. You will need extra trips to the market, so watch for sales and shop a wide variety.

4. Clean and prep your produce all at once before putting it in the fridge and store in sealable containers.  This saves time.

5. Drink juice on an empty stomach and wait a half hour before consuming other foods.  This allows quick absorption of the nutrients into your bloodstream.

6. Make up juice for the entire day all in one fail swoop.   This really helps to resist the urge to give up for the convenience of grabbing a quick bite.  You would be surprised by how not wanting to prep veggies or clean equipment can derail you!

7. Find that crazy friend that will support ANYTHING and jump on the ban-wagon with you just for fun.  Having a partner to share your inspiring recipe ideas, and to help cheer you past your mental blocks will definitely help you to be more successful.

8. Celebrate your success.  Perhaps you wanted to do a juice fast for 30 days and you made it to 7 or 15 days.  You had success, you felt some benefits and you learned a lot.  Great job!

Have you done a juice fast before?  Do you feel it was beneficial?  What tips do you have?  Share with the group.

I may receive compensation for products if purchased through my site, however, the opinions expressed are solely mine. 

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  1. I love juicing. It really makes me feel better when I do it consistently!

    1. What juicer do you own Lisa? Thanks for joining the conversation!

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