Real Versus Fake
Avacado toast on Ezekiel bread

Real Versus Fake

Natural foods come in such variety and flavor it is fascinating how many “food substitutes” we ingest.  As a child of the 70’s,  I believed the food being served to us from boxes and cans was nutritious food.  A Bologna sandwich on wonder bread with American sliced cheese and mayo was frequent lunch fare, often with a side of macaroni and cheese made from a powder.   To this day, just the mention of it evokes cravings.   Campbell’s soup, Pringles chips, and boxed cereals with “fortified” vitamins and minerals were in unlimited supply.  How society abandoned legitimate foods for mass produced inferior products is beyond comprehension.

A trip to the grocery store for food will easily show that food substitutes have taken over what the vast majority of Americans prefer to eat. During the next trip to the store, when your cart is full and ready for check out, take a look at how much you are ingesting of commercially processed foods, versus living nutrients. You know, the ones that will decay in your fridge within a week if you do not eat them.  Is it 80 /20, perhaps 50/50, or 30/ 70?  Whatever you find, I encourage you in making efforts to shift your grocery cart to more and more real food.

Avocado Toast
avocado toast with cucumber  

Fake foods are enjoyable, don’t get me wrong.  If like myself you were imprinted from youth, we may always have a fondness for the flavor, but understanding the harm helps us to avoid them. Every day, I see the results of poor nutrition.  There is an epidemic of disease and cancer due in large part to what we have fed ourselves. When I ask physicians why don’t we make nutrition a greater part of healthcare and solutions, they often respond with “because people will not listen”.  So, we give them medicines to manage the symptoms they experience.  Healthcare is often about managing a disease not finding a cure.

When it comes to food…simple is best.  Foods containing few ingredients and minimal processing will provide you with the best possible nutrition for your health. Promoting the benefits of better eating and inspiring people to develop and keep better eating habits is a passion of mine.  In part because I too need the encouragement to think about my food choices.   Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is crucial for success in any task.  Please share your passion for real food and your unique ideas.  This is not a recipe blog, often, my food is simple enough that a picture will provide you with the ingredient list.

Avocado toast with cucumber chips is an amazing meal when it comes to nutrition.  Reading the ingredient list for Ezekiel bread and you will be assured of the superior quality and nutrients.  Ezekiel bread delivers all 9 essential amino acids.  The sprouted grains deliver an impressive 5 grams of plant-based protein per slice. Each slice also offers 3 grams of fiber which is necessary for good colon health. If you are used to the typical “dead bread” found in the bread aisle of your grocery store, you may find healthier bread a hard pill to swallow. Start eating healthier pieces of bread as toast, soon you’ll enjoy it no matter how you choose to eat it.  It will not take long before your pallet has been trained to prefer high-quality nutritive foods.

Avocados are an amazing fruit.  1/3 of an avocado delivers 20 vitamins and minerals and it is the only fruit that contains heart-healthy monosaturated fats.  They have the ability to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. An average-sized avocado delivers over 7 grams of fiber and contains more potassium than bananas!  It is an amazing fruit that is packed with nutrition!

Cravings stem from substance your brain is addicted to.  Processed foods are filled with addictive substances that your liver and other organs can not process, they were not designed to recognize these man-made chemical compounds as food.  Your body feels hunger when it needs nutrition.  If you begin to fuel your body with nutrient-rich natural foods, within a week your cravings and hunger will decrease. There are so many good reasons to resist fake foods and replace them with the real deal!

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  1. Food is tied up so many memories too… and our parents were swayed by the Oscar Meyer Weiner commercials and Captain Crunch! Real food is so much better! I loved this post of yours! 🤗

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