Grandpa’s Cabin
Grandpa's Cabin Martinsville, IN

Grandpa’s Cabin

Martinsville Indiana
Grandpa’s Cabin Martinsville, IN

I am a Gypsy at heart!  In my perfect world I would have no need for a permanent address.  I love to travel and explore new places. Stephen and I have been diligently trying to attain some financial goals and assist our two beautiful daughters through college,  therefore, travel is a luxury that has had to take a back seat.  Airbnb has saved my soul by enabling us to take smaller trips on a tight budget. If you haven’t discovered Airbnb yet, do it now!  If  predictability and sterility is your expectation, then chain establishments are probably more your thing.  On the other hand, if you have an adventurous spirit, love the unknown, love to meet people and are flexible you will love Airbnb.  Each place I have stayed has been a unique and pleasant experience.  I have rented entire dwellings, as well as a room where the homeowners were also staying.  It is fun to meet people who are open to providing inexpensive lodging for travelers.  With short-term rentals, you are paying for a unique and different experience.   Grandpa’s Cabin provided an exceptionally good one for us!

Located in central Indiana, between Indianapolis and Bloomington lies a hidden gem that allows you to slow down and get away from it all. While being close to the corridor of both cities, this cabin provides endless possibilities for travel experiences.  Grandpa’s cabin had the expected feel of rustic and cozy while being surprisingly spacious.   We were greeted by the lovely host Lisa, who showed us around the cabin and ensured that our needs were met. The loft bedroom was large enough for both a king size and single bed with plenty of room for other furnishings.

Romantic Loft Area
Romantic loft
Relaxing In Loft
Relaxing in the loft

I enjoyed mornings sitting in the loft watching the sunlight slowly fill the cabin while my family slept peacefully.  From this view, I could see my husband enjoying his sleep in the soft oversized bed, and my daughter resting on the comfy couch down in the main living area. This was the perfect perch!

The feeling of sharing and community made this cabin special.  Not only were the hosts generous, but they also encouraged guests to show generosity by sharing any extras they may have. The feeling of paying it forward was the experience of this special place.  The animal hosts loved socializing and especially appreciated any attention you could spare.  Wildlife abounds at the cabin!

Chicken Coop
The coop
Farm Fresh Eggs
Farm fresh eggs, nothing better!
Friendly Chickens
A friendly pair
Friendly Cat
Frank the friendly cat

Nights at the cabin were peaceful, quiet and dark.  The fire pit provided just the right amount of warmth and glow.

Spacious Bathroom
spacious bathroom
Toilet And Shower
Toilet and shower

So many things made it difficult to say goodbye to this peaceful cabin.  Stephen and I  have been dreaming of cabin ideas to build on some wooded property we own.  Grandpa’s cabin provided inspiration and a renewed desire to build our dream cabin and share it with others.  If you find your travels are taking you to central Indiana, consider this wonderful lodging.

Spider Web On Cabin Deck
Charlotte’s Web!
Cabin Hidden In Woods
Tucked away

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  1. Sarah, I apologize for not reading this sooner but I am absolutely honored to be on this blog. You have written such a beautiful description of your experience and your stay at Grandpas Cabin. This is our goal, to offer a unique experience to all who will appreciate. I plan to print this out and have it on display in Grandpa’s Cabin. Thank you so much.

    P.S. Just put a fence up around the property, planning on having a few goats to love. Come see us again!

    1. Lisa,
      Yes! I do plan to re-visit and sing the praises of Grandpa’s cabin and you as a host. Thank you for helping to promote our blog. Any new followers will be warmly appreciated.

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